Items that Can be Stored in a Public Storage

Public storage units make life easy when you need space. They’re available on a monthly rental basis with costs that anyone can afford. Various sized public storage units accommodate a little or a lot, depending on your needs. But, exactly what type of items can be stored inside of a public storage facility petaluma?


Where will you store your furniture? The storage facility is a great place for it. Your items are kept inside the storage facility where you have no worries. Leave there for a month or more, depending on your needs.

Household Goods

public storage facility petaluma

Are you relocating? Many people use storage facilities when it’s time to move to a new home and space is needed. Household goods of various sorts can easily be stored inside the storage unit.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments that need a home can easily be stored inside of a storage unit until better arrangements can be made. They’re safe and secure inside the storage unit!

Estate Items

If you were given control of an estate but don’t have time to care for things at the time or nowhere to store items that you’ve inherited, you can always turn to a storage unit for the solution. Climate controlled units make it easy to store any items that you may receive inside the unit.

The Last Word

Anything that you need space for can easily be put into a storage unit, including the items above and more. Your items are kept locked and can be accessed by you and no one else. There is no credit check required and no deposits in most cases. It’s easy to rent a storage unit to store the items that need space. Don’t miss out on the perks that self storage brings your way.