Over many years, it has been a longstanding cultural tradition amongst individuals and the heads of illustrious families to arrange for the sitting of a family portrait at different stages of the families’ lives. Perhaps the British Royal Family, being exposed to the media as they are, is most famous for this. The family portraiture tustin ca sitting usually comes into being to mark a particularly important milestone in the family’s life. The achievement of one family member is shared by all, not just the family seated for the portrait, but by all and sundry who will, over years, view the portrait.

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On TV and in your favorite celebrity gossip glossies, you see this often enough. Within the Royal House of Windsor, there has been another marriage. Or yet another great-grandchild has been born to Queen Elizabeth the II, the UK’s longest reigning monarch. This happens in ordinary life too. It is the eldest son’s Bar Mitzvah. Or the twin girls have just received their first Holy Communion together. Or even this. In today’s society, it remains rare but the one hundredth birthday of dear old Nana is well worth bringing her entire brood together to celebrate.

And so the momentous occasion is marked by a magisterial family portrait sitting. Perhaps this is due to what people are accustomed to these days and for the convenience, the photographic portrait is preferred. The accomplished photographer only requires a few moments to gather the family together, get them to compose themselves appropriately and then take the pictures. And after that, the family departs, leaving the photographer to develop his photographs. And even that no longer takes longer than a snap.

While it is still being done, the painted alternative would be extravagant but rare.